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It is believed that the Toy Poodle dog breed is the smallest form of the Poodle dog. Toy Poodle puppies for sale near me are intelligent active, social and friendly. They could make the ideal apartment pet lap dog, or your daily pet. They are curly and come with a variety of colors with the dark eyes and droopy ears. While they’re not a guard dog they can bark like a guard dog whenever visitors come in. Toy Poodles require regular grooming, training, and exercise. Today, we’ll share the details you require for getting Toy Poodle breeders as well as caring for Toy Poodle pups. In addition, we’ll help you care for your fully grown toy Poodle to become an adult pet. We’ll examine the characteristics of their breed, including the size, color, personality and temperament, as well as the behaviors to keep an eye on. We’ll help you decide if you think the Toy Poodle is the right puppy for your lifestyle and family.

Toy Poodles, along with Standard Poodles and Miniature Poodles, are famously known for their proven excellence in shows. Their curly and voluminous coat in combination with a confident strut always seems to steal the show. To boot, the breed is intelligent, athletic, and loyal. 

In the USA the various Poodle sizes are part that belong to one breed, the Poodle and not distinct breeds that are distinct in their own. To learn more about the origins of the Toy size poodle We must examine the breed in its entirety

History of Toy Poodles for sale

Since the beginning, people have associated Poodles with France, however the canines with curly hair actually originated in Germany. Their name originates of their German word “pudel” that means to swim in the sea.’

Originally bred as water dogs, hunters used Poodles to help retrieve waterfowl. In actual fact the pom pom haircut Poodles are famous as a result of their initial job as retriever. The hair around their joints and organs was left longer to shield them from freezing water temperatures. The remainder of their hair would be cut to reduce resistance and reduce the chance of being caught by something during their time in water.

About Toy Poodles for sale

Forget those old stereotypes of Poodles as sissy dogs. Poodles are eager, athletic, and wickedly smart “real dogs” of remarkable versatility. With an abundance of steady character and intelligence, the Toy Poodle is a “person” and expects to be treated like one. 

Toy Poodles For Sale!

Toy Poodles don’t shed, making them a great pet for people with allergies.

Toy Poodle General Characteristics

France has been officially recognized as the Poodle’s country of origin, but the Poodle’s earlier ancestors came from central Asia. The German variety has probably influenced the modern breed most (‘Poodle’ is German for ‘splash’ or ‘puddle’).

Toy Poodles have a shoulder height of up to 25 cm (10 in) and weigh 3-4 kg (6-9 lbs). Poodles are very elegant in appearance. They have a long, narrow muzzle, slight stop (point at which the forehead meets the muzzle), dark eyes, and wide ears. Toy Poodles have flat backs, straight, docked tails and small, oval feet. Their length is approximately the same as their height.

The Toy Poodle has a distinctive fine, frizzy, wooly coat similar in texture to sheep’s wool. Solid white is most common, but the coat may also be solid grey, brown, apricot, or black. There are three distinct grooming styles for show Poodles: puppy clip, continental clip, and English saddle clip. The puppy clip entails shaving the face, throat, feet, and base of the tail. 

 The Toy Poodle is sensitive, intelligent, lively, playful, proud, and elegant. It bonds closely with family and makes a great companion. Toy Poodles are very smart, obedient, and graceful, which makes them one of the most popular pets in the world. The Toy Poodle is bouncy, alert, and usually eager to play. Toy Poodles are more energetic than Standard Poodles, and more likely to bark.

The Toy Poodle gets along well with other animals, other dogs, and children. It is best to socialize it as a puppy. Toy Poodles will announce the arrival of visitors, but are generally friendly toward them. Poodles are highly adaptable and make good watchdogs. They may find their way into some mischief! Small children should be watched around Toy Poodles to prevent snapping or rough play.

Show Poodles should be groomed by professionals, and will require a substantial investment of time and money. Poodles which are not intended for show competitions usually have longer hair on the head, legs, and ears, and are trimmed every five to six weeks. Toy Poodles have a long lifespan of 13-15 years. The Poodle is susceptible to cataracts and eye problems.

The Toy Poodle is highly intelligent, making training a fairly simple process. They quickly understand what is expected of them and can learn a wide variety of tricks and games. Poodles are likely to enjoy the training process. Any effort put into training the Poodle will reap large rewards. 

Health Guarantee

Every Toy Poodle puppy purchased from us is accompanied by a 10 days health guarantee. Within 4 days of shipping your Toy Poodle puppy, we require you to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for a checkup. If the VET finds out within the first 10 days of purchasing the puppy that it is sick of an illness that has been contracted before the date of delivery, you should contact us immediately. 

Shipping & Return

Driving a Toy Poodle puppy in a car for many hours can be very stressful for the Toy Poodle puppy. Also, transporting a pet in a car is not ideal since it is very dangerous when not handled professionally. We do care about our puppies so much and that is why we partner with trusted delivery companies for the delivery of our puppies to all our clients who have to drive 6 hours or more to get to us.